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LAQM tools and resources

This page provides links to a range of tools and resources designed to assist Scottish local authorities when undertaking LAQM Review and Assessment activities as prescribed under Part IV of the Environment Act 1995.  In addition, links are also provided to several tools designed to support the assessment of the potential air quality impacts of developments and biomass boilers.  

LAQM Reporting

LAQM Report Submission Website

Local Authorities are required to use the LAQM Report Submission Website for electronic submission of their Updating and Screening assessments, Progress Reports, Detailed Assessment and Further Assessments.

LAQM Report Templates

Standardised report templates are available to download for Scottish Local Authorities when completing their LAQM Annual Progress Reports. The latest version of the template can be downloaded LAQM Report Template (DOC).

Other report templates and templates from previous years can be found at: https://laqm.defra.gov.uk/review-and-assessment/report-templates.html

Report appraisal checklists 

These checklists provide information on what is considered for the appraisal of Review and Assessment reports by the Scottish Government. These have been devised based on the current assessment methods described in the Technical Guidance LAQM.TG(16) (PDF); and aim to judge the scientific validity of the report and its conclusions/recommendations.

Air Quality Action Planning

Download the Scottish Local Air Quality Management Policy Guidance LAQM PG(S)(16) (PDF) which provides guidance on Action planning for AQMAs in Scotland. 

The shared resource on LAQM Action Planning for the Devolved Administrations and Defra contains a wide range of useful information and other guidance on strategies, plans and individual measures for managing local air quality impacts. There are also a number of examples of good practice by other UK local Authorities and links to other organisations who can provide specialist knowledge. Visit the LAQM Action Planning web page to view the range of resources available.

Air Quality Review and Assessment Tools

The following tools are provided to support local authorities when undertaking LAQM Review and Assessment activities:

Local Site Operator (LSO) Manual and videos

Download the LSO Manual and Videos

Pollution Background Maps

To assist with air quality review and assessment, 2017-based background maps for years 2017 to 2030 for NOx, NO2,and PM10 are available on the Mapping page.

NO2 Diffusion Tube tools

Road traffic emission modelling calculation tools

Emissions Factors Toolkit

The Emission Factor Toolkit allows users to calculate pollutant emissions from road vehicles using local fleet and speed data. The emission data can be used for emission reduction scenario analysis and/or detailed dispersion modelling of pollutant concentrations.

For Information please read the EFT Factor Toolkit v8.0 User Guide (PDF).

Design Manual for roads and bridges

The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) Screening Model published by the Highways Agency can be used for Review and Assessment purposes when assessing emissions from road sources.

NOx/NO2 Calculator

This calculator allows local authorities to derive NO2 from NOx when NOx concentrations have been predicted by modelling road traffic emissions. The calculator can also be used to calculate the road component of NOx from roadside NO2 diffusion tube measurements. It incorporates the impact of expected changes in the fraction of NOx emitted as NO2 (f-NO2) and changes in regional concentrations of NOx, NO2 and O3.

The latest version of the calculator (v7.1) should only be used with the 2017 reference year background maps and the Emissions Factors Toolkit v8.0.1 onwards, and can be used for years 2017 to 2030.

Point source emission screening tools

Industrial Emissions Screening Tool

An Excel spreadsheet tool which reproduces the nomograms published in LAQM.TG(16) (PDF) for screening industrial stack emissions.

Biomass calculator

A spreadsheet which reproduces the nomograms for screening biomass combustion plant that are published in the LAQM.TG(16) (PDF) technical guidance.

CHP Emissions Screening Tool

This spreadsheet based tool provides a simple method for screening the air quality impact of a CHP installation. It supports the guidance document on CHP issued by EPUK. The tool will be useful to developers and local authorities.

These tools are originally provided via the Defra website https://laqm.defra.gov.uk/review-and-assessment/tools/tools.html