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Scotland air pollution forecast

Latest forecast summary

Low levels of air pollution are expected to continue across Scotland as unsettled weather from the Atlantic brings good dispersion conditions.

This information was last updated: 12pm on 19th October 2021

5-day air pollution forecast map

The map shows the air pollution forecast for each local authority in Scotland.

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The following days are available to view:

Today (20th October 2021)

Sorry, the map isn't available on this size screen, but instead you can view a full summary of the forecast for each local authority.

Index (1-10)

1 2 3 Low

4 5 6 Moderate

7 8 9 High

10 Very high

Air pollution maps are based on UK data provided by the Met Office, for further details please see the Defra UK-AIR website. Detailed analysis, interpretation and commentary Specific for Scotland forecast is provided by the Ricardo Energy and Environment Air Quality Forecasting team (aqforecasters@ricardo-aea.com).

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