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Dundee Seagate

Site ID: DUN5

Latest pollution level at this site is: LOW (Index 2)

Last updated: 19/04/2021 09:00

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Site Information
Environment Type Kerbside
Coordinates (Lat/Long) 56.462383, -2.967390
Altitude 5m
Kerb Distance 0.5
Site Comments The site is in city Centre, street canyon, on main bus corridor. The nearest road is 0.5m from the site.

Scottish Automatic Urban Network

Parameter Date Started Date Ended
Modelled Temperature 01/08/2010 -
Modelled Wind Direction 01/08/2010 -
Modelled Wind Speed 01/08/2010 -
Nitric oxide 01/01/2006 -
Nitrogen dioxide 01/01/2006 -
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 01/01/2006 -
PM1 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 20/03/2019 -
PM10 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 09/05/2011 -
PM2.5 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 20/03/2019 -

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