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Falkirk West Bridge Street

Site ID: FAL6

Latest pollution level at this site is: LOW (Index 1)

Last updated: 06/08/2020 19:00

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Site Information
Environment Type Roadside
Coordinates (Lat/Long) 56.000507, -3.790128
Altitude Not Available
Kerb Distance 1
Site Comments Located on West Bridge St in Falkirk Town Centre. The street itself is 3-lanes wide and one way leading into Town. It is on a slight incline. The nearest road is 1m from the site.

Scottish Automatic Urban Network

Parameter Date Started Date Ended
Ambient Temperature 27/01/2010 09/11/2016
Modelled Temperature 01/08/2010 -
Modelled Wind Direction 01/08/2010 -
Modelled Wind Speed 01/08/2010 -
Nitric oxide 07/11/2007 -
Nitrogen dioxide 07/11/2007 -
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 07/11/2007 -
PM1 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 09/11/2016 -
PM10 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 16/09/2009 -
PM2.5 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 09/11/2016 -

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