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Action Planning Resource

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Research local policy

When developing an air quality action plan, it is important to consider relevant plans, policies and programmes that have the potential to impact on air quality within the AQMA. It is also important that the action plan is developed to where possible, 'integrate' and complement existing National, Regional and Local policy. As such, when developing an air quality action plan it is essential to review and consider relevant documents such as:

  • National Transport Strategy
  • National Planning Policy
  • Local Development Plan
  • Local Transport Strategy
  • Local Carbon Reduction Plan
  • Local Environmental Strategy
  • Local Climate Change Strategy
  • Environmental Noise Action Plans

By considering the contents of such plans, the air quality action plan can seek to incorporate and refocus activities and measures that are already being implemented by other plans, programmes and strategies where they have the potential to contribute to improving air quality within the AQMA.