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The Scottish Government has published a consultation seeking views on updated air quality plans that set out the action taken and being planned at UK, Scottish and local levels to meet the annual and hourly EU NO2 limit values in Scotland as soon as possible.

The Scottish air quality action plans together with those from England, Wales and Northern Ireland will form the basis of the UK response to the Supreme Court Judgement earlier this year requiring the existing plans, which were submitted to the European Commission in 2011, to be updated and resubmitted to the Commission by the end of 2015.

This consultation comprises of 2 documents:

  1. A UK overview document summarising the relevant air quality policy background and past, present and planned measures to help tackle NO2 pollution.
  2. Updated air quality plans for the four air quality zones in Scotland where our assessment shows that additional time will be needed to meet in full the NO2 limit values.

These documents can be found at

The Scottish Government welcomes your comments on this package of updated air quality plans that we intend to submit to the European Commission in December 2015, in particular the extent to which these represent correctly the efforts underway at UK, Scottish and local level to achieve compliance with the NO2 limits as quickly as possible.

Responding to this consultation

Written responses to this consultation are invited by 20 October 2015. Please send your response, with the completed Respondent Information Form at the end of this letter, to:

Download Respondent Information Form (DOCX 38Kb)

If you have any queries or require further information about the consultation please contact Andrew Taylor on 0131 244 7813.