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Latest Air Pollution Levels

Summary from 99 monitoring sites.

Last updated at 05:00 on Friday 2nd June 2023

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Latest Air Quality Forecast


Low air pollution expected to continue for all areas of Scotland


Low air pollution expected to continue for all areas of Scotland


Low air pollution for all areas of Scotland.

Last updated: 12:01 AM on Fri 2nd June 2023
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The interactive map above can be used to explore different Scottish air quality monitoring sites. Select a monitoring site to see detailed site information and the latest pollution measurements.

Latest measurement by area

Click a coloured area on the map to view information for a specific region.

Near real-time monitoring data is not available for this local authority.

This is a Scottish Government Guidance Note in relation to the measurement of ambient Particulate Matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and the LAQM reporting of measured concen

Annual Statistics reports for all Local authorities monitoring sites have been created for the ratified 2022 dataset.

New Technical Guidance and Policy Guidance documents have been published and are available to download from the Technical Reports section using the links below: