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Please be advised that elevated levels of SO2 are being measured across Scotland at the moment and is forecast to potentially do so for the next couple of days. Initial investigations suggest that the elevated concentrations are a result of the Icelandic volcanic eruption along with  northerly air masses transporting the emissions from the eruption to the British Isles. Elevated concentrations are also being seen in Northern Ireland. The Air masses are similar for Saturday so elevated concentrations may continue into tomorrow. The air masses begin to change direction on Sunday so conditions should start to improve with regards SO2. Measured concentrations and the air pollution forecast are available on the Air Quality in Scotland website. You can also track SO2 concentrations across Scotland using the pollution graphs (  In Addition, the AQ Scotland App will also provide you with this information along with alert services that will notify you when levels are elevated in your area or are forecast to be elevated. You can also register to the know and Respond facility on the website  which will provide you with forecast alerts by text, voicemail and email.  Download the word document below containing diagrams and figures which may be of interest.