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On the 14th July, Defra published UK wide 2013 reference year background maps (NOx NO2, PM10 and PM2.5) for years 2013-2030 ( Scottish specific background maps, produced by Ricardo on behalf of Scottish Government currently use 2011 as the reference year. Ricardo are currently in the process of updating the Scottish Specific maps using 2013 as a reference year. These are due to be finished in October 2016.

After consultation, Scottish Government advise that until Scottish Specific maps are updated using 2013 as the reference year, the best practise for local authorities will be to continue to use the current 2011 Scotland Specific background maps in the review and assessment of local air quality. These maps are available on the Air Quality in Scotland Website ( The exception to this will be for PM2.5, as Scotland specific maps are not currently available for this pollutant.