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The report summarising the 2009 Scotland-specific modelling methodology and the background air pollutant (NOX, NO2, and PM10) maps is available at: Technical Reports.

Projected Scottish background maps for 2010, 2015, and 2020, were calculated from a base year of 2009. The maps were calculated using the 2008 NAEI and associated projections. These incorporate UEP37 energy projections current road traffic emission factors. Euro 5 and Euro 6 measures for LDVs and Euro VI measures for HDV were included in the projections.

The total background concentrations of NOx, NO2, and PM10 at yearly intervals up to 2020 were calculated for Scotland. This data was derived to assist local authorities in support of review and assessment of local air quality as noted in Technical Guidance LAQM.TG09. The contributions of NOx and PM10 from emissions inventory sources were provided separately for the sources within and outside each 1 km x 1 km grid square. This is to enable individual sectors to be subtracted from the total background concentration if a more detailed local assessment is to be carried out for that sector. This should provide a robust approach, which avoids double counting. Sector maps were not available for NO2. However, the maps for NO2 do take account of current and expected changes in f-NO2 (the proportion of NOx emitted as primary NO2).

FDMS and VCM-corrected TEOM measurements were used to calibrate the PM10 model.