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The Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions for 2008 have now been published by Scottish Government. Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2008 provides the first release of Scottish greenhouse gas emissions estimates for 2008. Except where stated, the emissions figures shown in this release include an estimate of emissions from international aviation and shipping. The release also provides information on the performance against emission targets taking account of trading in carbon units. It can be found at:

In addition, information on Greenhouse Gas emissions for all the Devolved Administrations is also available in a separate report Greenhouse Gas Inventories for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland: 1990 - 2008 is available at

Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2010 has been published by the Scottish Government at Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2010 aims to provide an easily accessible reference document which offers information on a wide range of environmental topics. Information and data for the Air Quality Statistics presented in the document has been obtained from the Scottish Air Quality website.