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The annual Scottish Air Quality Database and Website Annual Seminar took place on Tuesday 12th February 2019 in Edinburgh. The presentations from the day are now available to view on the Seminars page. These subjects included amongst others; A trend analysis approach to air quality network data (Polly Lang), Exploring synergies for air pollution and carbon reduction through citizen engagement (Enda Hayes), Air Quality and Health (Dr Jackie Hyland), Three Decades of Real World Driving Emission – Remote Sensing (Niranjan Vescio), Application of Real-World Driving Emissions for Air Quality Modelling and Impact Assessments (Dr Nicola Masey), Low cost sensors for the measurement of atmospheric composition (Prof Alastair Lewis), PM analyser replacement (Brian Stacey), Engaging Schools in AQ through an EU Wide Citizen Science Programme (Colin Gillespie), Transport Bill and Low Emission Zones (Dr Stephen Thomson), Air Quality in Scotland Project Developments (David Hector), Effects of Vegetation on Urban Air Pollution (David Fowler), Clean Air Day 2019 (John Bynorth)