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As you will all be aware we are entering unprecedented times. Scottish Government understands that due to the current situation normal working conditions are not operating and this may have an impact on the ability of local site operators to carry out SAQD site visits and calibrations. It is important to Scottish Government to keep the SAQD and website running as close to normal as possible as it can help in the ongoing evaluation of risk during the co-vid 19 outbreak due to the impact air pollution has on respiratory illnesses. However the health and safety of workers is paramount. With this in mind and if appropriate to individual situations we advise the following

Site Calibrations and ad hoc sites visits:

Where possible try to operate the analysers with the least number of site visits that can be achieved to ensure the instruments continue to collect data whilst maintaining an acceptable level of data quality. This balances the need for social distancing where possible with the need to ensure the instruments can continue to operate. If appropriate to individual situations it is acceptable to reduce 2 weekly site visits to monthly visits. LSO’s should however take note of what the current on site situation is with regards filters changes and re-schedule visits around this. If it is the case that calibrations will not be carried out during the foreseeable future please advise Ricardo.

Ricardo will continue to carry out daily checks on site data and will provide emails highlighting any issues and giving advice on what to do. Scottish Government and Ricardo appreciate that these ad hoc sites visits may not always be achievable. If not, please let Ricardo know and we will see if alternative arrangements can be made.

Local transport:

Where public transport is usually used by LSOs, we would ask individuals to consider government guidance on the use of alternatives and varying travel times to avoid busy periods.


In the event that an individual has been to site within the last 72hrs and then believes they may have coronavirus, we ask that Ricardo and the relevant Engineer Support Units are made aware immediately so that any future site visits are stopped until sufficient time has passed for the threat of virus remaining on surfaces to pass.

If you have any questions regarding visiting sites and the current situation please do not hesitate in contacting any of the Ricardo team. In addition the Air Quality App is an easy way to stay up to date with current and forecasted air quality in your area.