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The annual Scottish Air Quality Database and Website Annual Seminar took place on Monday 22 January 2018 in Glasgow. In total there were 10 speakers presenting on a variety of air quality related subjects. These subjects included amongst others; “Air pollution from vehicles - legislation and low emissions zones - unintended consequences and nudges” by (Felix Leach), “The Health and Socioeconomic Impact of Traffic Related Air Pollution in Scotland” (Dr Jackie Hyland); Vehicle Emission Monitoring and Informing LEZ Enforcement (Drew Hill); Recent Findings from Real World Vehicle Emissions Monitoring from UK Measurements (Dr Rebecca Rose)  CAFS National Modelling Framework & Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone (Vincent McInally); Going for Zero. An overview of Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone Plans (Mai Jarvis); Active Travel – benefits and trade-offs (Dr de Nazelle); Clean Air Zones – big models for big questions (Dr Scott Hamilton); Thinking of Making the Switch to ULEVs? (Iain MacLeod).

For reference the agenda and all presentation slides from the day are provided below. If further information is required on any of the presentations slides, please email