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Reducing emissions to the air from our everyday activities will help improve local air quality. Everyone can do their bit to reduce air pollution:

What can I do to help reduce emissions from road traffic?

  • Taking public transport or car sharing particularly during peak travel times reduces the number vehicles on the road and reduces emissions.
  • Walking or cycling on short journeys reduces the traffic and in turn reduces emissions.
  • Drive Efficiently if driving is required ensure you drive efficiently
  • When buying a new car or vehicle buy the cleanest you can. Consider buying an electric or hybrid powered vehicle. If buying a petrol or diesel powered car, look for the  'Euro standard' ranging from 'Euro 1' (old) to 'Euro 6' (latest), newer cars with higher Euro standards tend to have lower emissions
  • Care for your vehicle – check tuning, tyre pressure, brakes and fuel consumption – regular servicing helps keep your car efficient, saves fuel and reduces emissions.
  • Switch off your engine when stationary (in some towns and cities it is an offence to leave your vehicle idling when stationary for more than a few minutes)

What can I do at home?

The heating of homes and buildings can contribute to air pollution depending on the energy source used. Find out more about how you can reduce emissions at home.