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Smoke Control Areas in Scotland:

Many parts of the Scotland are Smoke Control Areas where you can't emit smoke from a chimney unless you're burning an authorised fuel or using exempt appliances (e.g. burners or stoves). A fine of up to £1000 can be issue if you are found to have broken this ruling. To find out where smoke control areas are located in your region please contact your local council's environmental services department. Alternatively you can go to the Spatial Hub website which provides an interactive map of where all the Smoke Control areas are in Scotland. 

What you can burn in Smoke Control Areas.

A list of approved fuels to burn in Smoke Control Areas in Scotland can be found here. The following smokeless fuels are also allowed unless you are using an exempt appliance:

  • anthracite
  • semi-anthracite
  • gas
  • low volatile steam coal

You can use oil or other liquid fuels in specially designed or adapted fireplaces. Kindling can sometimes be used but ask your council first because there are different rules in different areas.

Exempt appliances that can burn unauthorised fuels

Unauthorised fuels, such as wood, can be burned in exempt appliances such as some boilers, cookers and stoves. A list of exempt appliances can be found here. You must only use the types of fuel that the manufacturer says can be used in the appliance.

You can use outdoor barbecues, chimineas, fireplaces or pizza ovens. Any other appliances that release smoke through a chimney of a building - e.g. a summerhouse - can only burn authorised fuel or must be exempt.

Garden Bonfire Guidance

Using Garden bonfires to burn waste results in harmful pollutants being emitted. These  air pollutants can have damaging health effects and people with existing health problems are especially vulnerable. As well as health affects there are all the public nuisance and safety issues to consider.

Environmental Protection UK have provided the following guidance on garden bonfires to inform you of the issues involved and provide guidelines.

Remember to check what air quality is like in your area by going the latest & forecast pages on this website.