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This area of the Air Quality in Scotland website has been designed to provide practitioners with a helpful guide through the Action Planning Process, from the declaration of an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA), to the successful implementation of appropriate measures.

The resource has been designed as a flowchart to aid you in whatever stage of the action planning process you are at. Each box in the flowchart will provide you with further guidance, links to any other relevant information or tools you may require.  There are two views available the user can select whichever view they prefer simply by selecting the "Highlight all steps in flowchart" button. A recommended template for preparing Air Quality Action Plan Reports is available - download template (DOC).

Users should also be aware of the recently launched Cleaner Air for Scotland Strategy 2 (CAFS2) (PDF), the LAQM Policy Guidance PG(S)(23) (PDF) and Technical Guidance TG(22) (PDF).