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The Annual Scottish Air Quality Database and Website Annual Seminar took place on Wednesday 4th March at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. In total there were 12 speakers presenting on a variety of air quality related subjects. These subjects included amongst others; Air Quality at the interface: Between the ambient and indoor environment (Dr Gavin Phillips), Air Pollution and health in Scotland (Dr Duncan Lee), Ozone in the UK (Dr David Fowler), Urban pollution “hot spots” measured from Real World Driving Emissions Tests (Mark Peckham, Cambustion Ltd), The environmental Impact of from Domestic solid fuel burning – Seeking clarity (Bruce Allen, HETAS), Ammonia: Emission, Effects and Mitigation (Dr Jeremy Wiltshire), The European CleanAir@Schools Project (Dr Colin Gillespie)

For reference the agenda and all presentation slides from the day are provided below. If further information is required on any of the presentations slides, please email