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The Scottish Government has funded Ricardo-AEA to provide VCM corrected TEOM (Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance) data to Local Authorities under the Scottish Air Quality Website project. View a short summary outlining the method used for correcting the Scottish Air Quality TEOM data for 2008 (PDF).

The method provides results which are consistent with the Scottish Government Technical Guidance for Local Air Quality Management, and has used the VCM portal at

The results are available as daily data in the form of spreadsheets below for each of the Scottish monitoring stations. The same data were emailed to all local authorities in May 2009, and to ensure consistency these are the data which should continue to be used for Review and Assessment Purposes.

Links to spreadsheets

Ratified TEOM PM10 data from January 2009 onwards will be corrected using the hourly VCM and made available directly from the Scottish Air Quality website.