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Air Quality Management Areas

Since the Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) review and assessment process was introduced, local authorities across Scotland have been required to review and assess the air quality within their geographical areas. The process is designed to identify any exceedances of the UK Air Quality Strategy Objectives and to enable any local authority that identifies such an area to develop and implement a plan with stakeholder to improve air quality within the area.

Under section 83(1) of the Environment Act 1995, Local Authorities have a duty to designate any relevant areas where the air quality objectives are not (or are unlikely to be) being met as Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs).  AQMAs must be designated officially by means of an 'order'.  The extent of the AQMA may be limited to the area of exceedance or encompass a larger area.  Following the declaration of an AQMA, the local authority is required to develop and implement a plan (Air Quality Action Plan) to improve air quality in that area.

Use the AQMA page to view which local authorities have declared AQMAs and the details of these.