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South Ayrshire Ayr Harbour

Latest Data: Updated 16/06/2024 14:00 GMT

Pollutant Index Band Concentration Period
PM2.5 No Data 24 Hour mean
PM10 No Data 24 Hour mean
NO2 1 LOW 1 µg/m3 hourly mean
PM1 No Data 24 Hour mean
NO No Data 1 µg/m3 hourly mean

Annual Statistics Report

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Parameter Parameter Name
NO Nitric oxide
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide

Statistics for South Ayrshire Ayr Harbour

Site Name South Ayrshire Ayr Harbour
Site Type Roadside
Easting, Northing 233617.25, 622746.05
Latitude, Longitude 55.470162, -4.633681
OS Grid Ref
Site Comments The nearest main road is 2m from the site.
Monitoring Network: Scottish Automatic Urban Network
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
Non-volatile PM2.5 (Hourly measured) 27/09/2016 26/08/2021
Nitric oxide 05/05/2012
Modelled Wind Direction 05/05/2012
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 05/05/2012
Volatile PM2.5 (Hourly measured) 27/09/2016 26/08/2021
Nitrogen dioxide 05/05/2012
PM1 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 27/08/2021
Non-volatile PM10 (Hourly measured) 05/05/2012 27/09/2016
Modelled Temperature 05/05/2012
PM10 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 05/05/2012
Volatile PM10 (Hourly measured) 05/05/2012 27/09/2016
Modelled Wind Speed 05/05/2012
PM2.5 particulate matter (Hourly measured) 27/09/2016

The photographs show the site itself, and views looking North, East, South and West.

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